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How long have we been in business?

Duckett Notary Services , LLC is an Arise Independent Business or Owner, that started in September of 2013.We pride ourselves on being able to create job opportunities for people. Our jobs allow people like Stay at home parents, Military Members, retirees and College Students to earn an income from home and with a work schedule that's flexible because its created completely by them!

On Average CSP’s on our team earn between $9/Per hour up to $16/ Per hour. Top performers earn more! If you are interested in working from home and would like to provide phone, email and/ or chat support, Please review the following requirements in order to qualify to work from home on our team.


Jessica has over fifteen years in the Customer Service field and is eager to share the experience and knowledge she's gained from her years as a Working Professional. Duckett Notary Services, LLC is offering local Notary services for the state of South Carolina and work at home opportunities across the United States.

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