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JOIN OUR TEAM- Legit work from home jobs

On Average CSP’s on our team earn between $9/Per hour up to $16/ Per hour. Top performers earn more! If you are interested in working from home and would like to provide phone, email and/ or chat support, Please review the following requirements in order to qualify to work from home on our team.


Once you're a part of our awesome team we offer the following:

*****$25.00 New CSP Referral Fee
*****Anniversary Bonuses

Other Requirements:

  • Must Own a Desktop or Laptop Computer (see workstation requirements
  • Must Have reliable internet service (No Dial Up or Wireless!)
  • Must Own a Computer Headset with Mic
  • Must Own a Telephone with Headset Jack./Outlet
  • Must Have a POTS or Digital/Cable Home Phone Service
  • Must Own a Telephone Headset with Mic

In order to qualify to work from home on our team you must:

  • Be at least 19 Years of Age or Older
  • Be a legal Citizen residing in the United States
  • Must not live in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Pass an English Voice Assessment (Free)
  • Pass a Background Check ($12.95)
  • Pass Client Service Professional 101 Course ($Free to $99)
  • Pass a Client Job Opportunity Training ($5.00-$199.00)
Follow The Instructions With-in Steps A & B Below, To Join Our Team!

STEP A. (Create An Arise Profile!)

A-1. Setup a profile here -->> Click here!
A-2. Take a brief Voice Assessment (Must Log-in to Arise Portal)
A-3. Complete a background check (Must Log-in to Arise Portal)
A-4. Certify as a Client Support Professional (CSP 101) (Must Log-in to Arise Portal)

STEP B. (Request to Join Us!)
B-1.After you have passed the CSP 101 course, you are now a qualified CSP and can join our IBO. When asked with-in the Arise portal to join an IBO, choose this path and enter our IBO ID # 942881 to search for our IBO (Duckett Notary Services, LLC .Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your request to be processed.
B-2. After you are accepted under this IBO you will have access to view all of the available job opportunities. When you decide which job you would like, you will need to enroll in a job training course. Once enrolled there is nothing that you need to do until contacted by your instructor via email. (NOTE: CSP 102 Course must be completed before the start date of he course you are enrolled in).